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Protecting The Loss of Income

Updated: Feb 28

When most people think of life insurance they often think of an asset to pay for final expenses such as funeral expenses. Of course life insurance has many applications one of which is to protect against the loss of income.

So how does life insurance protect against loss of income? In a double income family, the loss of one income could mean massive disruption to cash flow just to meet everyday living expenses. In a single income family, not only could this have a major impact on cash flow, but the loss could also force the surviving spouse and children to sell their home, apply for public assistance, and possibly incur child care expenses once the surviving spouse finds a job.

With advances in technology, applying for and purchase life insurance is easier than ever. In just 10 minutes you could submit your application and get approval within hours in most cases, all without a medical exam. Before it used to take weeks to issue a policy but those days are over.

If you've been holding off on buying life insurance, today is your lucky day. Click here to see just how easy and affordable it is to buy life insurance. Don't put it off any longer, click today and start living with the confidence that your family is protected.

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