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Updated: Feb 28

We can break down the costs of owning a car into 4 categories:

  1. Loan Payment

  2. Insurance

  3. Gas

  4. Maintenance

Of these 4, gas prices are the only moving target and unfortunately, we have absolutely no control over that. Rising oil prices are poised to continue and as the spring and summer seasons approach, we're likely to see prices at the pump really start to eat into a family budget.

Insurance is probably the easiest way to control the costs of owning a car. Sure, you may be thinking, if my insurance premiums are going up aren't all insurance premiums going up? They probably are but the big difference is from where - one carrier may be going up from $80 a month while another may be going up from $50 a month.

Most insurance companies will offer a discount just for switching and this will lower your premiums at least over the next term. Premiums may or may not go up at that point but you always have control over where you buy insurance. As an independent agent, I like to say when rates go up, we go shopping.

There are other ways to reduce insurance premiums like multi-policy discounts, full pay or enrolling in a telematics program. Point is, you have control over where you buy your insurance and with an agent who is always looking out for your best interests, savings are out there if you look.

Let us do all the shopping for you or if you prefer to shop on your own, give our Digital Agent a try. In just 2 minutes, our app will shop the largest network of insurance carriers in the industry to find you the best price. And better yet, 9 times out of 10, with a little tweaking we could save you even more!

Click here to shop our vast network of insurance carriers on your own time, day or night, and let's take some control over the rising cost of owning a car.

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